Learning More About Early Childhood Education

Are You Looking For a Daycare Solution?

As a parent, you will remember forever the time that you get to spend with your child. The early years of a young life are filled with unforgettable memories, their first smile, first words, first steps, and a thousand other unrepeatable moments. It is natural to want to be with your child and share these times, but, at some point, you may start to think about returning to work. Going back to work can be a difficult time for new parents. Are you torn between entrusting your children to a stranger and the need to pursue your career? The transition back to the office is easier when you know that your child will be happy during the hours that they are away from you.

Who will look after your child?

When you need to take a break from parental responsibility for an evening, you may be able to call on the services of your parents or friends to assist you for a little while. However, few people will have the inclination or ability to care for your child all day, every day. When you are returning to work, 3-year-old long daycare is a better option. At a daycare centre, your child should thrive. While you are working, they will be starting to explore the world for themselves. They will be mixing with new people and gaining valuable experience that will form the foundation for the rest of their education.

What happens at long daycare

Long daycare must be enjoyable for your child. Before you settle on a daycare provider, ask the staff how each day will be filled. Choose a daycare centre that offers activities to provide stimulation for all the children in their care.  See if they follow a particular program and what a typical week would look like. A child who has been bored and unhappy all day will make your life stressful when they see you again. Speak to the staff and ensure that you have complete confidence in every aspect of their care.

Can the centre meet your schedule?

On a practical level, anywhere that offers daycare, must also have places available for your child and be open for suitable hours. If your job has rotating shifts or sometimes requires you to stay late, ensure that the daycare centre will be happy to keep your child until you can collect them.

Talk with daycare centres in your area to find the right option.